Are we ( Muslims ) allowed to celebrate Halloween

Are we ( Muslims ) allowed to celebrate Halloween
As a known fact,
Halloween background is: To please, somewhat even about worshipping evil spirits! Therefore, Halloween actual concept, clearly conflicts with the major concept of Islam: (TAUHEED/ monotheism)
Also, It goes against our repeated consistent pledge of allegiance to our Lord:
“إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين”

(O Almighty God! You alone we worship and from You alone, we seek help) Which we take in each n every Raka’ah in our Salah!

While the concept in Halloween :

(Kids and adults, dress up to please satanic spirits! Some even consider them as their protectors and some worship those spirits or ghosts…etc.

(While some others try to imitate, dress up, for joy n fun sake Assuming it’s OK as we’re doing it for fun!

(Which is childish excuse As, imitating something bad, or something evil, for the sake of fun or joy… will not turn it right!

Other childish excuse we hear :

“My participation is not hurting anyone” Which is also incorrect! In fact, you are hurting your faith! Hurting your relationship with Allah While putting our kids in grave danger by roaming around especially going to the strangers houses of unknown people, leaving them badly vulnerable and exposed to unknown people (could be bad or dangerous)

Therefore, people/kids imitating them with silly costumes are participating in the Halloween spirit.. Which in Islam, is considered a clear form of SHIRK (the most fatal sin in Islam)

As in accordance to Islamic view (a crystal clear) perspective:

Our ONLY protector is Almighty Allah and we always seek ONLY His protection from devil/s “أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم” (I seek Allah’s protection from the rejected satan) Again, if someone doing it for fun, still would be considered participating in the spirit of Halloween!

Islam discouraged that, due to the wrong concepts, based upon ignorance Lastly, Let me share with you, what the holy Quran says about the concept of Halloween: “وأنه كان رجالٌ من الإنس يعوذون برجالٍ من الجن فزادوهم رهقاً”. (سورة الجن : 5) (Some of humans started seeking protection from Jin, so Jin, in reaction, increased in their misery)

Alternative for our Muslim kids:

Try to engage your kids in positive activities on the day / night of Halloween Bring them to Masjid/Islamic Center Let them mingle, enjoy a good interesting story, give them a brief educational talk regarding Halloween Provide them with ice cream…etc. Along with Islamic quiz n prizes with other fun activities stuff Engage your kids on Halloween night with alternative healthy positive activities That, they won’t feel as, left alone!

But just telling them:

Halloween is haram, without providing any alternative, Is never enough! May Allah protect our children from all evil Bring them up, with righteousness and piety Turn them a form of SADAQAH JARIYYAH to us/their parents, in our lives and afterwards

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